Punjab teen who never went to gym sets 2 world records in fitness

Punjab teen who never went to gym sets 2 world records in fitness

Kuwar Amritbir Singh, 19, from Umarwala village in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, has made it to the India Book of World Records twice.

A teen from Punjab’s Gurdaspur district who has never gone to the gym has set two fitness records in the India Book of Records. Kuwar Amritbit Singh, 19, from Umarwala village in Gurdaspur district has set the record of most knuckle pushups in a minute and most superman pushups in 30 seconds.

“I never went to the gym. Desi jugaad se ghar me banaya hai sab,” Singh told Times Now. He has made his own fitness equipment using bricks, cement, iron rods, empty bottles, etc. and does his practice on the terrace of his house.

(Image: Kuwar Amritbir Singh)

“Today people enjoy going to gyms and won’t practice without them. But pehalwaans don’t go to gyms,” he said.

Singh enjoyed reading biographies and played the roles of Bhagat Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha and Udham Singh in skits during his school years. “They motivated me to do something in life,” the 19-year-old boy said.

(Image: Kuwar Amritbir Singh)

His father and uncle who were into sports in their younger years inspired him to get into fitness.

Sharing how the idea of attempting the records came to him, Singh said, “I was not good in studies and failed the Class 12 Maths exam. I was demotivated for a few months. One day, I told myself, ‘Ek paper ki sheet mera future decide nahi kar sakti.‘ Then, I came across a Youtube video about knuckle pushups and began practising.”

(Image: Kuwar Amritbir Singh)

The journey was not an easy one. When Singh applied for the record at the end of 2019, his application was rejected as his way of doing the pushups was not correct.

Taking help from YouTube videos again, Singh started working towards his goal again. In July 2020, he did 118 knuckle pushups in one minute and earned a place in the India Book of Records at the age of 17.

(Image: Kuwar Amritbir Singh)

In September 2020, he made another world record by doing 35 superman pushups in 30 seconds.

Talking about his diet, Singh, who is currently pursuing BA in Physical Education from Gurunanak Dev University, said, “I have never taken any proteins to build my body. I eat what is cooked a home.”

Singh’s day begins as early as 5:30 am. He practices two hours in the morning and then for another two hours in the evening.

Apart from fitness, Singh has a keen interest in movies and has acted in two films. He was among the top 10 finalists of reality show Hunar Punjab Ka.

He hopes to become a youth icon for Punjab and has also been nominated for the Karamveer Chakra Award.


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